Michael James Bell

running for Western Principal Delegate of Actors' Equity Association in 2020


The majority of Equity members—those who don't work a single contract in a given year—have very little voice in the room where decisions are made.

This imbalance has fractured our union, and continues to. For the health of our union, for our unity, it is vital that we not only listen to those members, but that we actively strive to include their perspective in our decision-making.

As a delegate, I'll support policies that unite us by including those members' voices, hearing their needs, broadening their opportunities, and nurturing their careers.

I have been a member of Actors' Equity for close to two decades. I've lived and worked in New York and Los Angeles and served on a number of Equity committees.

I'm also an advocate for democracy, compassion, and justice. I helped build web apps that track the money in American politics. I serve on the board of directors of The Center for Election Science, a nonpartisan nonprofit that works to empower voters with voting methods that strengthen democracy.

We're all on the same team. As a delegate, I'll strive to be compassionate, curious, and fair, to listen to everyone as an ally, and to be dismissive of no one. These are qualities we need not just in our union, but in the world, especially now.